How to get weed from a marijuana seed

After purchasing a number of different strains of weed, you have decided which one you like the best.  You also determined that you would like to start growing it on your own so that you no longer have to buy it.  As a next step, you researched the different types of seeds that are used and decided that you would have the most luck with feminized marijuana seeds.

You went to the seed bank and got a bunch of seeds.  You then folded them into a damp paper towel and left them in a warm place in order to germinate the seeds and get them to start growing.  Overnight they began to sprout and now you need to know what to do with your “babies.”

As soon as possible and using tweezers in order to avoid the root, place the seedling in about a half inch of moist soil.  They should be planted root down.  However, if you place it upside down, it will grow its roots down anyway, so no worries.  Be sure to place the planted seeds under a grow light as the light and heat will further enable growth. 

It may be best to plant the newly germinated seeds into a plastic drinking cup filled with soil.  Once each plant has grown a few sets of leaves, you can cut the cup away and plant it in the environment where it will reach maturity.

Under proper conditions, it should take no more than 10 days for a sprout to appear.  If you have planted into cups as recommended above, place a plastic dome over each cup in order to retain humidity.  This dome can be made by cutting a 20 oz. soda bottle in half and placing it over the cup.

Be careful as seedlings at this stage are delicate.  Unlike other plants that benefit from a nutrient rich soil, this can be harmful to cannabis seeds.  In addition to the proper soil, be sure that the water you use to keep them moist has the proper pH.

As the plants mature, they are able to withstand more heat and you will need to either increase the amount of power to the grow lamp or move the plants closer to the lamp.  Be sure to test the temperature to ensure it is not too hot by placing your hand underneath it.  If you cannot handle it, neither can the plants.

After 14 days, the plant will enter the vegetative stage and begin to grow leaves and stems.  Whether you are growing outside or inside, be sure that the plants have enough light, nutrients, water, heat, and circulated air to thrive.

The next stage is the flowering stage and occurs when the plant is exposed to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.  It is at this stage that the plant reveals whether it is male or female.  This is also the time that the plant grows to its maximum size along with its buds.  It is best to ask a professional when the best time to harvest is as this can affect the potency, size, and taste of the buds.


How to grow weed from marijuana seeds

Prior to going out and purchasing seeds from a seed bank, you need to decide what strain of weed you would like to grow and what type of seeds you would like to use.  Strains are based on your taste preference, how much of an odor the plant can emit as well as whether you are using the plant for medicinal purposes or not.

Seeds come in three main varieties regular, feminized, and auto-grow.  Beginners seem to have the most luck with feminized marijuana seeds.  This is because all of the resulting plants are female which takes most of the guesswork out of the growing process.

Once you have your seeds, the fun begins.  While the process is relatively easy, it does require some patience.  As with all plants, you cannot purchase seeds one day and expect a product the next.  In order to be successful, all plants need care and proper conditions.

The first step is germination.  There are five common processes that you can choose from in order to get the process started.  The first one entails the use of plugs.  These are specifically made for all types of seedlings.  Place the seed in one of the precut holes, pinch closed, and water as directed.  In just a few days, roots and stems will appear.

Another way to germinate your weed seeds is to plant the seed directly into the environment where it will grow.  This eliminates the stress of moving the plant once it starts to grow.  Simply place the seed in half an inch of moist soil and keep warm with light or a heating pad.  Again, within a few days, you should see things start to develop.

This need for warmth leads to the third method of germination.  It is known as a germination station and consists of a placing a plastic dome over a plate that has been placed on a heating pad.  You can then place your cannabis seeds in the above-mentioned plug and put the entire thing in the germination station.  Once the seed starts to sprout, you can simply transfer the entire thing to where it will grow into a full-sized plant.

If you do not have the materials for any of the above steps, you can simply place your seeds in a glass of warm water.  Do this overnight and by morning, the seeds will begin to float.  The seeds will eventually sink to the bottom of the glass and begin to sprout a root.  The entire process should take 24 hours.  Any seeds that have not sprouted at that point need an alternate environment or they will drown.  Those that have sprouted can be planted in the growing environment of your choice.

Finally, there is the paper towel method of germination.  Simply dampen a paper towel and fold the seeds into it.  Place the paper towel in a warm place and make sure it remains damp at all times.  Like the water method, it should take about 24 hours to get results.

Regardless of the germination method you use, make sure that the seeds are quickly planted in the growing environment of your choice shortly after sprouting.  Follow the growing instructions you were given when you purchased the seeds.